Memo to:        Internet2

Subject:            WAN TCP/IP WAN land speed record entries

Date:                21 March 2000

Contacts:          Ahmed Talat,                Microsoft,  

                        Terry Gibbons,             ISI         

                        Debbie Montano,         Quest,    

                        Steve Corbato              UW        


ISI, Microsoft, Qwest, University of Washington, HSCC, PNWGP, and DARPA demonstrated sending  28 GB worth of data in 5 minutes synchronously at a rate of 751 Mbps on a single TCP/IP stream using Workstation class machines running Windows 2000 on both ends.  The source point is Redmond, Washington and the destination point is ISI-East at Arlington Virginia via DARPA’s SuperNet for a total distance of 5,626 Km. 


The experiments were done using the speedy benchmark program (attached) running on Windows 2000 at each endpoint.  The program is a WINSOCK based application used for sending streamline data over a TCP connection.  The experiments used the standard Windows 2000 TCP/IP network stack running on SysKonnect Gigabit Ethernet cards.



Redmond-Arlington (MS-ISI)

User Data GB sent

28 GB

Elapsed time

299.829 seconds

User data rate Mbps

751.362 Mbps

Path taken

DC -> SEA                 (hop description)                                    (hop #)  (hop IP)




Arlington Virginia, ISI SysKonnect GbE


------- Juniper M40 GbE

Arlington Virginia, ISI Interface ISI


------- Cisco GSR OC48

Arlington Virginia, Qwest DC Edge


------- Cisco GSR OC48

Arlington Virginia, Qwest DC Core           4  

------- Cisco GSR OC48

New York, New York, Qwest NYC Core


------- Cisco GSR OC48

San Francisco, CA, Qwest SF Core


------- Cisco GSR OC48

Seattle, Washington, Qwest Sea Core


------- Juniper M40 OC48 Seattle, Washington, Qwest Sea Edge


------- Juniper M40 OC48

Seattle, Washington, PNW Gigapop


------- Cisco GSR OC48

Redmond Washington, Microsoft        


------- Redmond Washington, Microsoft SysKonnect GbE

Distance (KM)

5,626 km

Pteta bmps (bps*m)

4.2 Pbpms

Source& Sink application


Source & Sink OS

Windows 2000

Source computer

Compaq SP750 dual 733 MHz, 256 MB RAM, SysKonnect GbE

Source computer price


Sink computer

Dell 4400 dual 733 MHz, 1 GB RAM, SysKonnect GbE

Sink computer price


Registry settings


                                      TcpWindowSize = 20 Meg (20971520)

                                                          Tcp1323Opts     = 3  (Window Scaling)


4470 bytes


Table 1: Setup and Configuration of Experiments




The sender and receiver ran the speedy application documented in attachment 1 and 2.  The application uses standard TCP/IP WinSock API’s:  The sender formats 28GB of data into a user specified buffer length (in KB) with unique random data, calculates the checksum in the user application, stores it in the outbound buffer, and sends the whole 28GB worth of data on a single connection synchronously, and then terminates.  TCP does the flow control. The receiver accepts the incoming data buffers, implements its own checksum in the user, over and above TCP’s own Checksum built-in mechanism, on all incoming data for validating the content, and keeps track of how much data has been transferred and in how much time.

The elapsed time is measured as the time from the start of the receiver to the end of the receiver.  The receiver’s console log for the experiment is attached

(in the PowerPoint presentation).



  1. speedy.c and speedy.h
  2. speedy.doc which describes how the application works and its syntax.
  3. PowerPoint presentation with map and receiver log.