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Upcoming talks/meetings; Conferences

NLM Regents, Washington DC, 6-7 Feb. 2007
IIT, Chicago, Ill, 8 Feb. 2007
Harvard, Center for Advanced Scientific Computing at Harvard (CASC), 12-13 Feb, 2007
AAAS talk on Virtual Observatory, San Francisco, CA, 19 Feb 2007
Microsoft Quest Summit, 27Feb - 1 March, Bellevue, WA
MS Technical Computing Workshop, 5-6 March, Redmond, WA
MS Location Summit, 5 March, Redmond, WA
MSR TechFest, 7-9 March, Redmond, WA
Peter Chen Interview, 15 March, Redmond, WA
MS Retreat, 28-30 March, Sumiamo, WA
USC Talk, Los Angeles, CA, 12 April, 2007
NLM Regents, Washington DC, 8-9 May 2007
Microsoft Supper, San Francisco, CA, 11 May 2007
Talk at U. Maryland, Maryland, 10 May 2007
Federated Research Computing Conference (FCRC) keynote coordinator, San Diego, 8-16 June, 2007
MSR TAB, Redmond WA, 18-19 June, 2007
Brazilian DB Conference, 1-5 Oct 2007
HPTS, Asilomar CA, 7-10 October 2007


eScience Talk at NRC-CSTB meeting Mountain View CA, 11 January 2007.
Tape is dead, Disk is tape, Flash is disk, RAM locality is king. Storage Guru Gong Show, Redmond, WA, 10 December 2006 repeated at CIDR 8 Jan 2007 Gong show.
Computer Science and eScience, and eJournals Stanford Symbolic Systems Seminar, Stanford, CA, 7 December 2006
PennySort talk at Tsing Hua University, Beijing, October 2006 China, October 2006
eScience Talk at Beijing and Taipai China, October 2006
Storage Rules of Thumb, talk to Microsoft Storage Gurus and the spreadsheet for the numbers in the talk.
GpuTeraSort (50MB "flashy" version), and the 1MB "flashless" version, presentation by Naga Govindaraju of the paper at SIGMOD 2006, Chicago, IL, 30 June 2006
Database Performance -- Accomplishments and Challenges, Workshop on Performance and Evaluation of Data Management Systems (EXPDB), Chicago, IL, 30 June 2006
Transactinon Research History and Challenges, Invited talk, SIGMOD, Chicago, IL, 26 June 2006
My Current DB Projects and General Database Trends, Microsoft TechNet, London, UK, 1 June 2006
eScience, the Next Decade Will be Interesting!, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland, 22 May 2006
Some Microsoft eScience Efforts, , presentation to University Faculty at Microsoft TechFest Redmond, WA, 2 March 2006
Online Science and Computer Science,  Johns Hopkins University, 24 February 2006
Dependability in the Internet Era Stanford Robust Systems Seminar, Stanford University, 13 February, 2006
Online Science and Computer Science,  UC Davis, CA, 19 Jan 2006
Storage Bricks for Data Mining, with Rich Johnson, TechReady, Seattle, WA, 9-13 Jan 2006
Greetings from a File System User!, 4th USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies (FAST 2005), San Francisco , Ca, 14 December 2005.
Video interview "Behind the Code", Redmond, WA, 12 December 2005
SQL Server 2005 Japan Launch, PowerPoint or pdf, SQL Server Introduction, Tokyo, Japan, 17 November 2005
Data Avalanche, Tokyo SIGMOD Chapter, U. Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan, 16 November 2005
Giving Access to Science Data, NII Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan, 15 November 2005
What's Next For Database Systems? SQL Server Users Group, Houston, TX, 30 September 2005
TPlite is Back! High Performance Transaction Processing Workshop, Asilomar, CA, 27 September, 2005
Indexing the Sphere, Microsoft, Redmond, WA, 7 Mach 2005
Advice to CACR on Research Directions, CACR, Pasadena, CA, 25 Feb 2005
The NVO Compared to Other O's, NSF NVO Review, San Diego, CA, 13 Jan 2005
TPlite is back!, Gong Show talk at CIDR, Asilomar, CA, 5 Jan 2005
Out of the Dark Ages of the Past into the Golden Age of IT Research (the future), Talk at CIDR panel on "Is the IT Research Golden Age Behind Us?" Asilomar, CA, 4 Jan 2005
Closing the Gap Between Global Environmental Sensing Needs and Cyber Infrastructure Tools, Jim Gray, Jeff Burch, Mark Ellisman, Miron Livny, David Maidment, Phillip Papadopolis, NSF Workshop on Cyberinfrastructure for Environmental Observatories, Washington DC, 7 December 2004
The World Wide Telescope as an archetype for Online Science Microsoft Academic Days, Mountain View, CA, 29 Oct. 2004.
Where The Rubber Meets the Sky, Giving Access to Science Data Pennsylvania State University, College Park, PA, October 6.
Four things I am doing: Gigabyte file transfers and why it is wrong, TerraServer evolution, SkyQuery evolution, and spatial data access for relational systems. Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, October 5.
Where The Rubber Meets the Sky, Giving Access to Science Data University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada, October 4.
The Revolution in Database System Architecture Technical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria, September 24.
How to do a PhD thesis Talk to graduate students at Technical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria, September 24.
Where The Rubber Meets the Sky, Giving Access to Science Data Talk at Hungarian NSF, Budapest, Hungary, September 23.
The Revolution in Database System Architecture Advances in Databases and Information Systems (ADBIS 2004), Budapest, Hungary ADBIS'2004 September 22.
Where The Rubber Meets the Sky, Giving Access to Science Data Panel on eScience Challenges, Microsoft Faculty Summit, Redmond, WA, August 3, 2004.
The Data Avalanche HP Labs show and tell, Redmond, WA, July 30, 2004.
The DataAvalanche National Youth Leadership Forum on Technology (NYLF/TECH), aka Nerd Camp, San Jose, CA, July 29, 2004.
‘There Goes the Neighborhood: Relational Algebra for Spatial Data Search”, The slides: the main talk and the filler talk on polygons, TechEd, Amsterdam, Netherlands, June 29
Keynote demo of WWT and Gbps Networking, TechEd, Amsterdam, Netherlands, June 28
Providing Access to Scientific Data; Where the Rubber Meets the Sky Scientific and Statistical Database Management, Santorini, Greece, June 21-23.
The Revolution In Database System Architecture, SIGMOD, Paris, FR, June 14-18 (also talk with Microsoft DB group).
BARC Collaborations, Microsoft Research Silicon Valley Road Show, 9 June 2004
Scientific Digital Libraries, the WWT as an archetype, OCLC, Dublin, OH. May 17.
Online Science: the 20 questions approach Scientific Data Symposium, Redmond, WA, 25 May 2004
Gigabyte Bandwidth Enables Global Co-Laboratories (4.2 MB MSword), ( pdf of slides + transcript (2.4MB)) presentation with Harvey Newman of Caltech at Windows Hardware Engineering Conference, Seattle, WA, 3 May, 2004
Distributed Computing Economics, VC Summit, Mt View, CA, April 28
The Information Avalanche, Adobe, San Jose, CA, April 26
The World Wide Telescope: an Archetype for the New Computational Science, Eliot Organic Memorial Lecture, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, 20 April 2004
Microsoft Research Overview Talk to Homeland Security Dept, Redmond, April 7
Building Big Data Services on the Web, talk at FlashMob Supercomputer, University of San Francisco, SF, CA April 3
Managing Data for the World Wide Telescope aka: The Virtual Observatory, talk at SLAC workshop on Data management, Palo Alto, CA, 14 March 2004
Paxos Commit talk with Leslie Lamport at Microsoft Research Techfest Redmond, Washington, March 2004
Distributed Computing Economics IEEE Palo Alto Chapter, Palo Alto, CA, 11 December 2003
The Personal Petabyte Enterprise Exabyte, IIST, Asilomar, CA, 8 December 2003
Experience Building the World Wide Telescope SC2003, Phoenix, AZ, 18 Nov. 2003
The World Wide Telescope Hackers Conference, Yosemite, CA Conference, Redmond, WA, 23 10 Nov 2003
Managing Innovation -- How Microsoft Research Works Microsoft Senior Information Technology Officer (SITO) Conference, Redmond, WA, 23 October 2003
Paxos Commit Talk and 2PC defense HPTS, Asilomar, CA., 12 October 2003
Distributed Computing Economics (3 MB) SD Forum, Palo Alto, 18 September 2003
Online Science (7 MB) Knowledge and Data Discovery, Washington DC, 25 August 2003
SkyServer Database Design Changes in Yukon (1 MB) Microsoft Faculty Summit, July 27, 2003
Image Cutout slide show by Maria A. Nieto-Santisteban of JHU, (1 MB) Frontiers of Distributed Systems 2003, San Francisco, CA, July 29
Online Science: The World Wide Telescope as a Prototype for the New Computational Science (ppt), or pdf International Super Computing Conference, Heidelberg, 25 June 2003, and Stuttgart 27 June 2003, Edinburgh July 1, July 4, SF FDIS July 31, U. Michigan, Ann Arbor, 3 October 2003
Online Science: The World Wide Telescope as a Prototype for the New Computational Science (3 MB) abbreviated version of talk above to Charles Holland @ Microsoft, 11 June 2003.
Commencement Address (0.1 MB) to Computer Science Division, College of Letters and Science University of California, Berkeley, 25 May 2003
Data Centric Super Computing. talk to Committee on the Future of Supercomputing of the National Research Council's Computer Science and Telecommunications Board, (5/21/2003)
Real Web Services and Grid Computing talk to Kaiser IT Organization, San Francisco (5/21/2003).
Real Web Services and Grid Computing Talk at OSI Soft User Group Meeting, San Francisco (5/14/2003)
The World Wide Telescope -- a Prototype for Online Science Talk at Harvard (5/8/2003)
Online Science Talk at NCBI with Alex Szalay (4/28/2003)
WWT_NSF.ppt The World Wide Telescope -- a Prototype for Online Science. Talk at U. Minnesota (4/22/2003), NSF (4/24/2003), Harvard (5/2/2003) Arizona (3/11/2003), Tandem (3/25/2003)
There Goes The Neighborhood: Spatial Search Meets SQL TechFest, Redmond, WA, (26/2/2003) and Stanford DB Seminar, 4/14/2003
Online Science Needham Tribute, Cambridge, England, 17 Feb 2003
Yukon Technical Preview, Seattle, WA, (2/10/2003)
Making Grid Computing Ubiquitous, Panel at Globus World, San Diego, CA. (1/15/2003)
Spatial (or N-Dimensional) Search in a Relational World, Talk at workshop Conference on Innovative Database Research. Asilomar, CA. (1/6/2003)
Storage and Database issues for the Large Scale Synoptic Telescope, Talk at workshop on next generation telescope. Baltimore (10/23/2002)
PennySort Award, Talk at Tsinghua University, Beijing. (10/20/2002)
The World Wide Telescope -- a Prototype for Online Science, Talk at Chinese National Observatory (10/17/2002), Beijing University (10/18/2002), LSU (10/21/2002), Rice (2/4/2003), Arizona (3/11/2003), Tandem (3/25/2003)
Can DBs help Science: WWT, Mining the Sky, Spherical Geometry in SQL, talk at Johannes Gerke's Database Class, Cornell, Ithaca, NY (10/1/2002)
Issues in Online Image Databases, talk at National Cancer Institute Workshop on Image Databases, Bethesda, MD (9/26/2002)
Real Web Services, talk at Charles Schwab Technology Summit,(9/20/2002)
The World-Wide Telescope as a prototype for online science talk at Microsoft: (9/17/2002)
Windows Scalability Technology, Terminology, Trends Talk at Windows 2003 Server 2003 Devcon, Seattle, (9/5/2002)
Web services for The Virtual Observatory Companion talk by Alex Szalay and myself at SPIE conference, Kona (8/26/2002)
Online Scientific Data Publication, Preservation, and Curation, Companion talk by Alex Szalay and myself at SPIE conference, Kona (8/26/2002)
Astronomy Web Services, talk by Alex Szalay and myself at Whitehead Institute, Cambridge MA, exploring relationship to Genomics (8/12/2002)
The World-Wide Telescope as a prototype for online science, talk at FORTH in Iraklion, Crete: (7/17/2002)
Data Mining for the World-Wide-Telescope, talk at FORTH in Iraklion, Crete: (7/15/2002)
Twelve Computer Science Challenges, talk at FORTH in Iraklion, Crete: (7/15/2002)
Data Avalanche, talk at FORTH in Iraklion, Crete: (7/15/2002)
Computer Science issues in the Virtual Observatory, at the Virtual Observatory conference at Garching, Germany (6/11/2002)
Alex Szalay's description of SkyQuery, at the Virtual Observatory conference at Garching, Germany (6/11/2002)
SkyServer -- Public Access to the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data, SIGMOD, 2002, a talk by Alex Szalay and Jim Gray, (6/3/2002)
Online Science, A talk on the World Wide Telescope given at UCSC (5/10/2002)
Rules of Thumb in Data Engineering, UCSC, 5/7/2002,
Low End Storage Requirements, Personal opinions, not an official Microsoft position. Talk at National Storage Industry Consortium (NSIC)Workshop @ IBM Almaden HDD Roadmap (5/1/2002)
High End Storage Requirements, Personal opinion, not an official Microsoft position. NSIC HDD Roadmap Workshop (a semi random talk that I constructed on the spot because I did not understand what the session was about till I got there (woops!). I thought I was supposed to try to sell them the smart disk concept.
The 1k$ Terabyte short talk at IBM on current status of cheap disks and why tape is dead, (4/5/2002)
Online Science, A talk on the World Wide Telescope given at IBM (4/5/2002) and WDAS in Paris (3/21/2002)
AdiProbicWhatNextRevealed.pdf target="_blank"> What Next Revealed, talk by Adi Porobic on technology trends and a technology forecast Feb 2002
Online Science (== world wide telescope and SkyServer), U. Washington, Seattle2/26/2002,
Describes SkyServer Design, Microsoft Research TechFest in Redmond 2/22/2002,
SQLserver large databases and .Net, Talk at SQL the Max! user group conference 2/14/2002,
Storage Bricks, Talk at FAST Monterey 1/29/2002
Data-Centric Computing, at HP Labs 11/1/2002
Miningthe Sky: Building the World Wide Telescope, SC2001, 11/14/2001, WSU, JHU, UCI
In Search of Petabyte Databases (with Tony Hey), HPTS 2001, 10/16/2001
Databases Meet Astronomy (more db stuff), Brandeis, 10/12/2001, RPI, 10/10/2001 & MIT 10/11/2001
Rules of Thumb in Data Engineering, CMU, 10/9/2001
Storage Service Providers a discussion and debate, VLDB2001, Rome, 9/12/2001
Put everything, Online, and In a Database, and Give Two Examples, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. 8/29/01,
Information at Your Fingertips: TerraService and Sky Server, Microsoft Faculty Summit at Redmond, WA. (Tom Barclay and Alex Szalay)at Microsoft in Redmond. 7/23/01,
Rules of Thumb in Data Engineering, Microsoft in Redmond. 7/11/01
Databases meet Astronomy, Microsoft in Redmond. 7/10/01
Internet Availability, High Dependability Computing Consortium. 5/7/01,(repeated at Stanford 11/8/2001)
DataBases Meet Astronomy, University Illinois Urbana, 4/24/01
Rules of thumb for data engineering, University Illinois Urbana, 4/23/01
Put everything online and in a database, GriPhyN (Grid Physics Network) all hands meeting at ISI in LA on 12 April 2001 that repeats and expands on the Science Data Center talk below
Put everything online and in a database, Talk at Science Data Centers 3/23/01
Managing Petabytes, Internet Archive Born-Digital symposium on publishing petabytes, 3/12/01,
Managing large datasets, NRC Bio-Data study group, Stanford, CA, 3/8/01
Scalability Terminology, Windows, and Storage Bricks, With Bill Laing, Microsoft, 3/7/01,
Talk at Xerox Parc: Databases meet Astronomy 3/1/01, repeated at UC Berkeley on 3/19/2001 Databases_Meet_Astronomy.ppt (1MB) .
Tele-talk at European Media Lab 2/10/01, EML_PBDB.ppt (2MB) .
Talk at Stanford DB seminar on building Petabyte data stores " 11/17/00, USC_Building_PetaByte_Data_Stores.ppt (9MB) .
Talk at UC Berkeley on Fault Tolerance " 11/9/00, UCBerkeley_Gray_FT_Avialiability_talk.ppt (0.6MB) .
Talk at NASA Goddard on storage trends and on interesting applications (TerraServer, EOS/DIS, Sloan Sky Survey)" 9/21/00, UCBerkeley_Gray_FT_Avialiability_talk.ppt (9.7MB) .
Talk at Virtual Observatories of the Future Conference at Cal Tech on Technology Forecast for Huge Archives." 6/12/00, VOF_Pasadena.ppt (3.5MB) .
Talk at NCSA on "things I’ve been doing lately" 4/15/00, NCSA_Part2.ppt (3MB) .
Standard metrics for system availability IFIP working group on system dependability benchmarks 3/1/00, HighAvailabitySystemsStandardsEfforts.ppt (50 KB) .
Rules of Thumb in Data Engineering ICDE 2000, San Diego, 3/1/00, Rules_of_Thumb_in_Data_Engineering.ppt (3 MB) .
The Future of Data Mining: panel discussion at ICDE ICDE 2000, San Diego, 3/3/00, Gray_KDM_ICDE2000.ppt (82 KB) .
Preliminary PITAC NGI report to the Congress PITAC presentation, Washington DC, 2/25/00, PITAC_NGI_00.ppt (190 KB) .
Turing lecture at U. Alberta at Edmonton (10/13/99) UC Berkeley (11/3/99), Cornell (11/16/99), U. Mass Amherst (11/18/99), CMU (11/20/99), UC Santa Cruz (1/11/00), Toronto 3/18/00), Wisconsin (3/19/00), NCSA(4/15/00)
Turing2.ppt (6 MB).
What Happens When Discs are Supercomputers? talk at IBM Almaden IBM_Almaden_on_Storage.ppt (2 MB) (12/1/99).
Building Petabyte Databases talk at UC San Diego Supercomputer Center (10/27/99) PB_SanDiego.ppt (10 MB) (10/14/99).
What Happens When Discs are Supercomputers? Keynote at NetStore99 Seattle NetStore99.ppt (2 MB) (10/14/99).
A Personal view of Microsoft Research (and my work) talk at State Farm, Reading England, and Frankfurt Germany (videos are missing)). A_Personal_View_of_MSR2.ppt (9 MB) (10/3/99, 9/4-8/99).
Talk on SQL Server, Scalability, and MSR at Compass99 (SQL Server User's Group) Gray_Compass99.ppt (12 MB) (10/2/99).
How High is High Performance Transaction Processing? Talk at High Performance Transaction Processing Workshop at Asilomar HPTS99.ppt (2 MB) (9/29/99).
Transaction Processing Concepts and Techniques class at Stanford with Reuter, Gawlick, Maliaka, Harkey, Hope, Bernstein, Mohan, Levine, /WICS_99_TP/ (8/1/99..8/5/99).
TeraByte Sort Trophy award at Compaq/Tandem. Tandem_Terabyte.ppt (2 MB) (7/7/99).
Turing Talk at SIGMOD: What Next? Some remaining IT problems. Gray_Turing_SIGMOD.ppt (5 MB) (6/1/99).
Telepresnce as an overarching research agenda talk at Potomac Institute, Washington DC, (5/28/99) (with 70MB of videos and sound clips) Potomac_Talk.ppt (2.5MB).
Turing Talk at FCRC: What Next? Some remaining IT problems. Gray_Turing_FCRC.ppt (5 MB) or Gray_Turing_FCRC.pdf (2.8 MB) or (5/4/99).
Technology trends and TerraServer Talk at Nortel, Santa Clara, CA Nortel.ppt (6 MB) (4/20/99).
Heisenbugs: A Probabilistic Approach to Availability Talk at ISAT, Redmond, WA on ISAT_Gray_FT_Avialiability_talk.ppt (400 KB) (4/20/99).
TerraServer, TPC, Sort Talk at IBM Santa Teresa Lab., CA ibm_stl.ppt (5 MB) (4/1/99).
Scalability, Talk at Intel, Dupont, WA on Intel_Dupont.ppt (6 MB) (3/5/99).
PITAC report, Turing lecture, 5-minute rule, and Sorting, Lecture at U Tokyo Gray_SQL7_Tokyo.ppt) (1.8 MB) (1/22/99).
Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 launch in Tokyo, Gray_SQL7_Tokyo.ppt.ppt (8MB) (1/21/99).
NT Scalability research. Talk at Los Alamos National Labs Gray_LANL.ppt.ppt (1.8 MB)(12/17/98).
Overview of BARC talk to Microsoft Research, BARC_MSR_Overview_98Q3.ppt (11 MB) (10/21/98).
Scalable NT, talk to Compaq Storage Fellowship (Colorado Springs) CompaqStorageFellowship.ppt 9MB (10/20/98).
Progress on Scalable Servers, talk at MSR Cambridge England Cambridge_MAPS.ppt 4MB (10/13/98).
Microsoft Research Overview, talk at European Media Lab at Heidelberg Germany (same as NSF talk (6/25/98) below) NSF_Talk.ppt (2.5MB) (10/12/98).
Laws of Cyberspace, talk at International University, German 1998_Laws.ppt 1MB (10/10/98).
The Rebirth of Database Machines, talk by Dina Bitton and Jim Gray at VLDB'98 (invited lecture for "best paper of 1988" award) VLDB98.ppt (8/27/98).
IO metrics and CyberBricks talk at Storage Technology Corporation in Denver STK_Talk_Denver.ppt (8 MB) (8/13/98)
Microsoft scalability projects talk atDARPA/NT Workshop DARPA_Scaleable_Overview_98.ppt (8 MB) (8/6/98)
CyberBricks talk to Vanguard Group vanguard_7_98.ppt ( 12 MB) (7/27/98)
Microsoft Research talk to NSF (without the videos and sound clips) NSF_Talk.ppt (2.5MB) (6/25/98). Sound and videos can be found at /Talks/ForNSFtalk/*.*. For example Gordon Bell's first video clip is at /Talks/ForNSFtalk/movie3a.avi. The full list of file names is daisy.wav, faces_short.mpg, flowsmall.mpg, hal.wav, movie007.avi, movie3a.avi, movie3b.avi, movie3c.avi, movie4a.avi, movie4b.avi, movie6.avi, scar.wav, sound005.wav, synthvoice.wav, vision.mpg
Keynote talk at Microsoft Federal Enterprise Day (a marketing event) that launched the TeraServer Microsoft_Federal_Enterprise_Day_Keynote.ppt (8.6MB) (6/24/98)
Disk Architecture Directions: Put Everything In the Disk Controller, Talk at NASD workshop Gray_NASD_Talk.ppt (.8MB) (6/8/98)
Database Research Directions, SIGMOD Panel SIGMOD_98_DB_Research_Directions.ppt (50 KB)
TerraServer Overview: An expanded version of the SIGMOD demo that Bill Gates gave at SIGMOD 98 in Seattle Public_TerraServer_Talk.ppt (3.2 MB) (6/1/98)
An Overview of BARC, Microsoft NYC Sales office BARC_Overview_Q1_98_public.ppt (8.5MB) (5/6/98), similar talk given at NCR, Dayton (5/19/98)
Scalable & Distributed Computing with CyberBricks, ATT Labs ATT_98.ppt.ppt (8.4MB) (5/4/98)
Scalable & Distributed Computing with CyberBricks, Stanford Stanford_98.ppt.ppt (11.3MB) (4/29/98)
Scalable & Distributed Computing with CyberBricks, IPPS/SPPS @ Orlando Parallel&DistributedProcessing_DB.ppt.ppt (8.5MB) (4/1/98)
Dell Customers, SF, On NTclusters (MSCS) MSCS_DELL.ppt (1.8MB) (3/19/98)
Talk VLDB Summit on VLDB progress and SQL Server 7.0 preview, Los Angeles, VLDB_Summit_98.ppt (5MB) (3/5/98)
Three Mini-Lectures at USC, Datacube.ppt (200 KB), Replica.ppt (300 KB), FiveMinuteRule.ppt (300KB), 3/4/98 SixteenLaws.ppt (400KB)
Talk on Microsoft Research at SQL 7.0 Workshop, Los Angeles, SQL_7_Workshop.ppt (8MB) (2/26/98)
Industrial R&D Investment: presentation to NRC Panel NRC_R&D_Investment.ppt (0.6MB) (2/9/98)
BARC overview talk at Microsoft NorCal BARC_97_12_NorCal.ppt (4MB) (12/14/97)
Talk on high-performance Sequential IO on NT at Microsoft Redmond. Sequential_IO.ppt (1.5 MB) (12/1/97)
What Happens When Storage and processing and bandwidth are free and infinite? (talk at OGI and IOPADS) IOPADS.ppt (2MB) (11/11/97, 11/17/97)
George Spix's Crypto Song (copyright, by George) Crypto.asf (2MB)
TerraServer talk by Tom Barclay (and me) at UC Berkeley TerraServer_UC.ppt (2MB) (11/10/97)
NT Scalability talk at SUN and SGI NT_Scaleability_SUN_SGI.ppt (7.2MB) (10/13/97, 11/6/97)
Building Petabyte DBs talk to UC Santa Barbara and UC Berkeley Building_Petabyte_Databases (UC).ppt (1MB) (10/10/97)
NT Scalability talk MS Enterprise Seminar Scaleability_Enterprise_Seminar.ppt (6.4MB) (10/1/97)
NT Scalability talk to NT-Internet conferences ScalabililtyNT-Internet.ppt (8/15/97)
NT Scalability talk to USENIX conferences Scalability USENIX.ppt (8/12/97)
NT Scalability talk to VARs GrayNTUnix.ppt (8MB) (7/12/97)
UW Parallel Database Systems talk, (1MB) (7/9/97)
FT NT talk at FTCS, (3MB )Seattle, (6/24/97)
Cyberbricks Talk at SF Regional ACM (7MB) (6/18/97)
Scalable Computing Talk (7MB!), MIT (5/23/97)
DB Expo, San Francisco, Panel on Database Past and Futures (100KB). 5/14/97
Building Petabyte Databases and Storage Metrics (768KB) talk at CMU (5/3/97)
Building Petabyte Databases and Wolfpack talk at VLDB Summit (1MB) (5/1/97)
Fault Tolerance Panel (143KB) at Uniform 4/13/97
Scaleable Computing (318KB) Panel at UNFORM 4/13/97
Future of Distributed Systems talk (3.6 MB) at UNIFORM 4/12/97
Transaction Processing Panel at UNIFORM 4/12/97.
Cyberbricks Talk at DEC/NT Wizards conference (6.3 MB) 4/7/97
Transaction Processing Performance Benchmarks talk at San Francisco State, (1.7 MB) 3/4/97
Cyberbricks Talk at Intel/Portland, (6.2 MB) 2/4/97
Transaction Cyberbricks Talk at Simon Frazer University, (6.6MB) 1/16/97
Scalable Computing talk at SAP conference, (3.8 MB) 12/7/96
Scalable Computing talk at Microsoft PDC, (2.6 MB)11/6/96
Distributed Systems talk at Microsoft PDC, (3.5 MB)11/4/96
SNAP - Scalable Networks and Platforms, McKay Lecture at UC Berkeley, (.7 MB) 10/4/94
Parallel Database Systems , A SNAP Application, McKay Lecture at UC Berkeley, (.7 MB) 11/4/95
Dependable Computing Systems, McKay Lecture at UC Berkeley, (.6 MB) 12/4/95

Past events

Internet Scale Systems, Redmond, 1 February 2006
NLM Regents, Washington DC, 6,7 February 2006
Stanford Robust Systems Seminar, Stanford, CA, 13 February 2006
Enterprise Computing Seminar (Behind the Code video), Microsoft, Redmond, WA, 14-15 February 2006
Chaos U @ Half Moon Bay, CA, 16 Feb 2006
NLM Infrastructure Panel, Washington DC, 21-22 February 2006
Visit JHU and give talk in CS department, Baltimore, MD, 23-24 February 2006
NLM Infrastructure Panel, Washington DC, 21-22 February 2006
Visit JHU and give talk in CS department, Baltimore, MD, 23-24 February 2006
WIPS, Seattle, 26-28 February 2006
Location services, Redmond, WA, 28 February 2006
SIGOPS special issue meeting, MSR SVC, Redmond, 1 March 2006
Microsoft Research Techfest, 2 March 2006 Microsoft  
Microsoft (MSR directors, TRE) Redmond, 6-12 March 2006
SQL, Redmond, WA, 8 March, 2006
Technical Recognition Event, Vancouver, BC, 9-11 March 2006
Talk on parallel datbase systems, MSR SVC, Mountain View, CA, 12 April 2006
Talk on MSR, Redmond, WA, 13 April 2006
Digital Library Interoperation, Mellon Foundation, NY, NY 20-21 April 2006
eScience, Redmond, WA, 27-28 April 2006
Talk on MSR SVC North, MSR SVC Mountain View, CA, 1 May 2006
Microsoft Silicon Valley Show and Tell, Mt. View, CA, 2 May 2006
eCommerce TAB, Redmond, WA, 5 May 2006
NLM Regents, Washington DC, 9-10 May 2006
ACM Awards, San Francisco, CA, 20 May 2006
ETH, Zurich, Switzerland, 22-23 May 2006
Microsoft, London, England, 1-3 June 2006
Soror Sahri U. Paris thesis defense, Telecon 13 June 2006
JHU, visit Astronomy & Sensor groups, Baltimore, MD, 14 June 2006
CRA BioInfo Research, Bethesda, MD, 15-16 June 2006
SIGMOD, Chicago, IL, 26-30 June 2006
CODATA, Washington DC, 12 July 2007 (**skipped -- too busy **)
Concurrency TAB, Redmond, WA, 14 July 2006
Vacation, Hike Tahoe Rim Trail, CA, 15-31 July, 2006
MSR- UW Sensor-networks Summer School, Sumiamo, WA., 6-10 Aug 2006
eScience FOO Camp, Google, Mountain View, CA, 12-13 Aug 2006
eScience talk, eBay, San Jose, 29 August, 2006
eScience, Venice, Italy, 2-6 Sept 2006
Cornell eJournal meeting, Redmond, WA, 7-8 Sept 2006
Microsoft Retreat, Sumiamo, WA, 10-13 Sept 2006
NLM Regents, Washington DC, 18-21 September 2006
Talk on Storage at Microsoft, Redmond, WA, 28 September 2006
San Francisco State University, 4 October, 2006
U. Wisconsin DB Seminar, Madison, WI, 6 October 2006
eScience, JHU, Baltimore Maryland, 13-15 October 2006
NAE Annual Meeting (Section 5 Chair), Washington, DC, 15-16 October 2006
Microsoft Beijing, China, Taipei, Taiwan, 21-29 October 2006
Stonebraker-Wong Distinguished Lectures and Reception, UC Berkeley, 29 November 2006
VE Research Workshop, Redmond, WA, 30 November, 1 December 2006
Stanford Symbolic Systems Seminar, Stanford, CA, 7 December 2006

CIDR, Asilomar, CA, 7-10 Jan 2007
NAS CSTB meeting, Palo Alto, CA, 11-12 Jan 2007