Dr. James N. Gray


Title:       Technical Fellow

                Microsoft Research

                455 Market St, Suite 1690

                San Francisco, CA. 94105

                tel: 415-778-8222

                fax: 425-706-7329

                email: Gray @ Microsoft.com



Biographical Sketch:


Dr. Gray is a specialist in database and transaction processing computer systems. At Microsoft his research focuses on applying computers to solve data-intensive scientific problems: eScience.   He has a long-standing interest in scaleable computing: building super-servers and work-group systems from commodity software and hardware.  Prior to joining Microsoft, he worked at Digital, Tandem, IBM and AT&T on database and transaction processing systems including Rdb, ACMS, NonStop SQL, Pathway, System R, SQL/DS, DB2, and IMS-Fast Path.  He is editor of the Performance Handbook for Database and Transaction Processing Systems, and co-author of Transaction Processing Concepts and Techniques.  He holds doctorates from Berkeley and honorary doctorates from Stuttgart and Paris, is a Member of the National Academy of Engineering, American Academy of Arts and Science, and the National Academy of Science, a Fellow of the ACM, and Editor of the Morgan Kaufmann series on Data Management.  In 1998 he received the ACM Turing Award. He frequently lectures at universities, and often reviews application designs.  He has been a McKay Fellow at UC Berkeley.


Current Activities:

Research on fault-tolerant, parallel, and distributed database systems.  In particular, trying to put all the world’s scientific data online, along with tools to analyze the data.



1961-1966: UC Berkeley, Departments of Mathematics and Engineering. BS Degree in Mathematics and Engineering. 

1966: Courant Institute at New York University

1967-1969: UC Berkeley, Department of Computer Science.  PhD Degree in Computer Science.  


Employment History

1962, 1963  Co-op Student, General Dynamics Astronautics, San Diego, CA.

1964  Reader, Mathematics Department, U.C. Berkeley, Berkeley, CA.

1965-1966 Research Assistant, Electronics Research Laboratory, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA.

1966-1967 Member of Technical Staff, Bell Telephone Laboratory, Whippany, NJ.

1967-1969  Research Assistant, Dept. of Computer Science, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA.

1969-1971 IBM Post Doctoral Fellow, Dept. of Computer Science, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA.

1971-1972 Research Staff Member, General Science Department, IBM Research, Yorktown Heights, NY.

1972  UNESCO Expert, Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest, Romania

1972-1980 Research Staff Member, Computer Science Department, IBM Research, San Jose, CA.

1980-1990 Software Designer, Software Development Department, Tandem Computers, Cupertino, CA.

1988 (spring): Stanford University Department of Computer Science

1990 - 1994 Corporate Consulting Engineer: Digital Equipment Corporation

1994 -1995  McKay Fellow at University of California Computer Science Department

1995-     Senior Researcher, Microsoft Research, San Francisco, CA,
                promoted to Distinguished Engineer in 2000.

Professional Honors

Phi Beta Kappa

Sigma Chi

Honorary Doctorate of Natural Science, University of Stuttgart, 1990,

IBM Outstanding Innovation Award

Tandem Outstanding Performer Award         

Association for Computing Machinery

                1982: Best Systems Paper -- for paper on System R recovery manger.

                1989: Best Systems Award – for work on Relational DBs  Shared award with 8 others.

                1993 SIGMOD Data Management Software Systems Award

                1994 Elected ACM Fellow

                1994 SIGMOD best paper award

                1998 VLDB best paper award 10 years later (with Dina Bitton)

                1998 Turing Award

National Academy of Engineering: 1997 Elected to membership.

IEEE      1998 Charles Babbage Award - for High Performance Database Systems

US Geological Survey:  2000  John Wesley Powell Award (with Tom Barclay for TerraServer)

National Academy of Science: Elected to membership

American Academy of Arts And Sciences: 2001 Elected to membership

European Academy of Science: 2003 Elected to membership

University of Paris Dauphine: 2004 Honorary Doctorate

Distinguished Lecturer at:

CMU, Ga. Tech., MIT, Simon Frazer U., U Alberta, U Virginia, U Washington, U. Illinois, U. Minnesota,  U. Minnesota, U. Stuttgart, U. Wisconsin at Madison, UC Bakersfield, Berkeley, Irvine, Los Angles, Rice, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, San Diego, U. Texas, U Maryland

Keynote Speaker:

                • Italian ACM Conference 1980

                • VLDB 1981, 1985, 1991, 1998

                • German ACM Conference 1982

                • Australian ACM Conference 1983,

                • Principles of Distributed Computing 1985

                • SIGMETRICS 1987

                • Workshop on Database Machines 1989

                • International Conference on Distributed Computer Systems, 1990

                • DBexpo 92, 93, 94, 95, 96

                • RdbExpo, DECUS 92, 93, 94

                • FCRC 99

                • SIGMOD 97, 99, 04

                • NetStore 99, HPTS99,..

                •  many more


Taught many short-courses at various institutes


Professional Affiliations

Member of National Academy of Engineering

Member of National Academy of Science

Member of American Academy of Arts and Science

Member of European Academy of Science

Regent of National Library of Medicine

Fellow of Association of Computing Machinery

Former Trustee of VLDB Endowment

Former Member of National Research Council, study group on

Directions of Computer Science,

Library of Congress IT plan

Sustainability Research

               Computer Science and Telecommunications Board (1990-1999)

Former Member of Presidential Advisory Committee on Next Generation Internet, High Performance Computing, and Information Technology


Association of Computing Machines

                • Special Interest Group on Operating Systems

                • Special Interest Group on Management of Data

                • Special Interest Group on Programming Languages

                • Past Chairman of ACM Distinguished Doctoral Dissertation Award Committee

                • SIGMOD program committee (9 years)

                • SIGOPS program committee (3 years)

                • PODS program committee (2 years)

                • VLDB program committee (7 years)

                • OSDI program committee (2 years)

                • Turing Award committee (4 years, now chairman).



                • Western Area Program Committee

                • CompCon Program Committee (ten years)

• John von Neumann Award

VLDB Foundation

                • VLDB program committee (six years)

                • Former Editor in Chief of Very Large Database Journal (1990-1998)

• Former Trustee of the VLDB foundation (1990-2000)

• Organizer of CIDR and HPTS workshops

Industrial Affiliate

                • UC Berkeley

                • Stanford

                • U. Wisconsin

Federation of American Scientists

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility

Editor of Morgan Kaufmann Series in Data Management Systems



Large-Scale Query and XMatch, Entering the Parallel Zone"” Maria A. Nieto-Santisteban, Aniruddha R. Thakar, Alexander S. Szalay, Jim Gray, MSR-TR-2005-169, December 2005 presented at the Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XV, San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Madrid, Spain, October 2005, to appear in the ASP Conference Series.

Empirical Measurements of Disk Failure Rates and Error Rates” Jim Gray, Catharine van Ingen, MSR-TR-2005-166, December 2005

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