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·         Presidential Advisory Committee on Information Technology The committee's web site is http://www.nitrd.gov/pitac/ and the final report is at http://www.nitrd.gov/pitac/report/. Here is an MSword version of the report.  This committee has stakeholders from everywhere in the IT industry (telcos, industry, academe, citizens, government, ...), 27 people in all.

They observe that:

The committee recommended:

The report is very dull reading (a 5 page executive summary makes 35 recommendations!). But, it is important for the wide IT community to appreciate that this is the best we are going to get from a committee. There is much good hiding in the report. I encourage you to look at it (at least the executive summary .

A narrower but related work is the Asilomar Report on Database Research. Fifteen DB researchers got together for a 3-day retreat to think about how we do DB research and how we should do it in the future. The paper is short and an easy read. Here is the HTML (34KB) and MSword(66KB). This was updated by the Lowell Database Research Community Self Assessment in Spring of 2003. That report and the supporting presentations are at