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And here are the talks:

Online Science: A talk on the WorldWide Telescope given at UC Santa Cruz (4/10/2002), Databases_Meet_Astronomy_UCSC.ppt (4 MB).

Rules of Thumb in Data Engineering: given at UC Santa Cruz (4/6/2002), Rules of Thumb in Data Engineering_UCSC.ppt (3 MB).

The 1k$ Terabyte short talk at IBM on current status of cheap disks and why tape is dead. Disks_Economics_April_2002.ppt (1 MB).

Online Science: A talk on the WorldWide Telescope given at IBM (4/5/2002) and WDAS in Paris (3/21/2002), Databases_Meet_Astronomy_WDAS.ppt (2 MB).

Online Science (== world wide telescope and SkyServer) talk at U. Washington, Seattle 2/26/2002, Databases_Meet_Astronomy_UW.ppt (5 MB).

Talk about SkyServer @ Micrisoft Research TechFest in Redmond 2/22/2002, WorldWideTelescopeTecFest.ppt (1 MB).

SQLserver large databases and .Net: Talk at SQL the Max! user group conference 2/14/2002, PetabyteDatabasesSql+.Net.ppt (6 MB).

Storage Bricks Talk at FAST Monterey 1/29/2002, Gray_Storage_FAST.ppt (2 MB).

Data-Centric Computing talk at HP Labs 11/1/2002, Storage2002.ppt (8 MB).

Mining the Sky: Buiding the World Wide Telescope: SC2001, 11/14/2001, WSU, JHU, UCI ppt (4 MB).

In Search of Petabyte Databases (with Tony Hey), HPTS 2001, 10/16/2001, ppt (1 MB).

Database Meet Astronomy (more db stuff), Brandeis, 10/12/2001, ppt (4 MB)

Databases Meet Astronomy , RPI, 10/10/2001 & MIT 10/11/2001, ppt (4 MB)

Rules of Thumb in Data Engineering, CMU, 10/9/2001, ppt (4 MB)

Storage Service Providers a discussion & debate at VLDB2001, Rome, 9/12/2001 ppt (700kB).

Store Everything, Online, and In a Database, and Give Two Examples, talk at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. 8/29/01, ppt (6MB)

Information at Your Fingertips: TerraService and Sky Server, Microsoft Faculty Summit at Redmond, WA. (Tom Barclay and Alex Szalay)at Microsoft in Redmond. 7/23/01, ppt (4MB).

Talk on Rules of Thumb in Data Engineering at Microsoft in Redmond. 7/11/01, ppt (3MB).

Talk on Databaseses meet Astronomy at Microsoft in Redmond. 7/10/01 ppt (2MB).

Talk on Internet Availabilty at High Dependabilty Computing Consortium. 5/7/01, (repeated at Stanford 11/8/2001) ppt (2MB).

Talk at University Illinois Urbana: DataBases Meet Astronomy. 4/24/01, ppt (1.3MB).

Talk at University Illinois Urbana: Rules of thumb for data engineering. 4/23/01, ppt . (3.3MB)

Talk at GriPhyN (Grid Physics Network) all hands meeting at ISI in LA on 12 April 2001 that repeats and expands on the Science Data Center talk below: "Put everything online and in a database" 4/12/01, ppt (1.5MB).

Talk at Science Data Centers on "Put everything online and in a database" 3/23/01, ppt (1.5MB).

Talk at Internet Archive "Born Digital" symposium on publishing petabytes. 3/12/01, InternetArchive_ManagingBornDigitalData.ppt (1MB).

Talk at NRC Bio-Data study group on managing large datasets 3/8/01, NRC_Biodata.ppt (70KB).

Talk at Microsoft with Bill Laing on Scaleabilty Terminology, Windows, and Storage Bricks 3/7/01, Scaleability_Teminology.ppt (4MB).

Talk at Xerox Parc: Databases meet Astronomy 3/1/01, repeated at UC Berkeley on 3/19/2001 Databases_Meet_Astronomy.ppt (1MB).

Tele-talk at European Media Lab 2/10/01, EML_PBDB.ppt (2MB).

Talk at Stanford DB seminar on building Petabyte data stores " 11/17/00, USC_Building_PetaByte_Data_Stores.ppt (9MB).

Talk at UC Berkeley on Fault Tolerance " 11/9/00, UCBerkeley_Gray_FT_Avialiability_talk.ppt (0.6MB).

Talk at NASA Goddard on storage trends and on interesting applications (TerraServer, EOS/DIS, Sloan Sky Survey)" 9/21/00, UCBerkeley_Gray_FT_Avialiability_talk.ppt (9.7MB).

Talk at Virutual Observatories of the Future Conference at Cal Tech on Technology Forecast for Huge Arcives." 6/12/00, VOF_Pasadena.ppt (3.5MB).

Talk at NCSA on "things I'v been doing lately" 4/15/00, NCSA_Part2.ppt (3MB).

Standard metrics for system availabilty IFIP working group on system dependabilty benchmarks 3/1/00, HighAvailabitySystemsStandardsEfforts.ppt (50 KB).

Rules of Thumb in Data Engineering ICDE 2000, San Diego, 3/1/00, Rules_of_Thumb_in_Data_Engineering.ppt (3 MB).

The Future of Data Mining: panel discussion at ICDE ICDE 2000, San Diego, 3/3/00, Gray_KDM_ICDE2000.ppt (82 KB).

Preliminary PITAC NGI report to the Congress PITAC presentation, Washington DC, 2/25/00, PITAC_NGI_00.ppt (190 KB).

Turing lecture at U. Alberta at Edmonton (10/13/99) UC Berkeley (11/3/99) Cornell (11/16/99), U. Mass Amherst (11/18/99) CMU (11/20/99) UC Santa Cruz (1/11/00)Toronto (3/18/00) Wisconsin (3/19/00) NCSA(4/15/00) Turing2.ppt (6 MB).

What Happens When Discs are Supercomputers? talk at IBM Almaden IBM_Almaden_on_Storage.ppt (2 MB) (12/1/99).

Building Petabyte Databases: talk at UC San Diego Supercomputer Center (10/27/99) PB_SanDiego.ppt (10 MB) (10/14/99).

What Happens When Discs are Supercomputers? Keynote at NetStore99 Seattle NetStore99.ppt (2 MB) (10/14/99).

A Personal view of Microsoft Research (and my work) (talk at State Farm,Reading England, and Frankfurt Germany (videos are missing)). A_Personal_View_of_MSR2.ppt (9 MB) (10/3/99, 9/4-8/99).

Talk on SQL Server, Scalability, and MSR at Compass99 (SQL Server User's Group) Gray_Compass99.ppt (12 MB) (10/2/99).

Talk at High Performance Transaction Processing Workshop at Asilomar: How High is High Performance Transaction Processing? HPTS99.ppt (2 MB) (9/29/99).

Transaction Processing Concepts and Techniques: class at Stanford with Reuter, Gawlick, Maliaka, Harkey, Hope, Bernstein, Mohan, Levine, /WICS_99_TP/ (8/1/99..8/5/99).

TeraByte Sort Trophy award at Compaq/Tandem. Tandem_Terabyte.ppt (2 MB) (7/7/99).

Turing Talk at SIGMOD: What Next? Some remaining IT problems. Gray_Turing_SIGMOD.ppt (5 MB) (6/1/99).

Telepresnce as an overarching research agenda at Potomac Institute, Washington DC, (5/28/99) (with 70MB of videos and sound clips) Potomac_Talk.ppt (2.5MB).

Turing Talk at FCRC: What Next? Some remaining IT problems. Gray_Turing_FCRC.ppt (5 MB) or Gray_Turing_FCRC.pdf (2.8 MB) or Gray_Turing_FCRC.htm (30 KB at a time, 7 MB in all) (5/4/99).

Talk at Nortel, Santa Clara, CA on technology trends and TerraServer Nortel.ppt (6 MB) (4/20/99).

Talk at ISAT, Redmond, WA on Heisenbugs: A Probabilistic Approach to Availabilty ISAT_Gray_FT_Avialiability_talk.ppt (400 KB) (4/20/99).

Talk at IBM Santa Teresa Lab., CA on TerraServer, TPC, Sort ibm_stl.ppt (5 MB) (4/1/99).

Talk at Intel, Dupont, WA on Scaleabiltiy, Intel_Dupont.ppt (6 MB) (3/5/99).

Lecture at U Tokyo on PITAC report, Turing lecture, 5-minute rule, and Sorting, Gray_SQL7_Tokyo.ppt (1.8 MB) (1/22/99).

Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 launch in Tokyo, Gray_SQL7_Tokyo.ppt.ppt (8 MB) (1/21/99).

Talk at Los Alamos National Labs on NT Scaleabilty research,Gray_LANL.ppt.ppt (1.8 MB) (12/17/98).

Overview of BARC to Microsoft Research, BARC_MSR_Overview_98Q3.ppt (11 MB) (10/21/98).

Scaleable NT, talk to Compaq Storage Fellowship (Colorado Springs) CompaqStorageFellowship.ppt 9MB (10/20/98).

Progress on Scaleable Servers, talk at MSR Cambridge England Cambridge_MAPS.ppt 4MB (10/13/98).

Microsoft Research Overview, talk at European Media Lab at Heidelberg Germany (same as NSF talk (6/25/98) below) NSF_Talk.ppt (2.5MB) (10/12/98).

Laws of Cyberspace, talk at International University, German 1998_Laws.ppt 1MB (10/10/98).

The Rebirth of Database Machines, talk by Dina Bitton and Jim Gray at VLDB'98 (invited lecture for "best paper of 1988" award) VLDB98.ppt (8/27/98).

IO metrics and CyberBricks talk at Storage Technology Corporation in Denver STK_Talk_Denver.ppt (8 MB) (8/13/98)

DARPA/NT Workshop talk on Microsoft scalability projects DARPA_Scaleable_Overview_98.ppt (8 MB) (8/6/98)

Vanguard Group talk on CyberBricks vanguard_7_98.ppt ( 12 MB) (7/27/98)

Talk to DELL technical folks about BARC and how we could cooperate on research BARC_DELL_Overview_97.ppt ( 12 MB) (7/14/98)

NSF talk on Microsoft Research (without the videos and sound clips) NSF_Talk.ppt (2.5MB) (6/25/98). Sound and videos can be found at /Talks/ForNSFtalk/*.*. For example Gordon Bell's first video clip is at /Talks/ForNSFtalk/movie3a.avi. The full list of file names is daisy.wav, faces_short.mpg, flowsmall.mpg, hal.wav, movie007.avi, movie3a.avi, movie3b.avi, movie3c.avi, movie4a.avi, movie4b.avi, movie6.avi, scar.wav, sound005.wav, synthvoice.wav, vision.mpg

Keynote talk at Microsoft Federal Enterprise Day (a marketing event) that launched the TeraServer Microsoft_Federal_Enterprise_Day_Keynote.ppt (8.6MB) (6/24/98)

Disk Architecture Directions: Put Everything In the Disk Controller, Talk at NASD workshop Gray_NASD_Talk.ppt (.8MB) (6/8/98)

Database Research Directions, SIGMOD Panel SIGMOD_98_DB_Research_Directions.ppt (50 KB)

TerraServer Overview: An expanded version of the SIGMOD demo that Bill Gates gave at SIGMOD 98 in Seattle Public_TerraServer_Talk.ppt (3.2 MB) (6/1/98)

An Overview of BARC, Microsoft NYC Sales office BARC_Overview_Q1_98_public.ppt (8.5MB) (5/6/98), similar talk given at NCR, Dayton (5/19/98)

Scalable & Distributed Computing with CyberBricks, ATT Labs ATT_98.ppt.ppt (8.4MB) (5/4/98)

Scalable & Distributed Computing with CyberBricks, Stanford Stanford_98.ppt.ppt (11.3MB) (4/29/98)

Scalable & Distributed Computing with CyberBricks, IPPS/SPPS @ Orlando Parallel&DistributedProcessing_DB.ppt.ppt (8.5MB) (4/1/98)

Dell Customers, SF, On NTclusters (MSCS) MSCS_DELL.ppt (1.8MB) (3/19/98)

Talk VLDB Summit on VLDB progress and SQL Server 7.0 preview, Los Angeles, VLDB_Summit_98.ppt (5MB) (3/5/98)

Three Mini-Lectures at USC, Datacube.ppt (200 KB), Replica.ppt (300 KB), FiveMinuteRule.ppt (300KB), 3/4/98 SixteenLaws.ppt (400KB)

Talk on Microsoft Research at SQL 7.0 Workshop, Los Angeles, SQL_7_Workshop.ppt (8MB) (2/26/98)

Industrial R&D Investment: presentation to NRC Panel NRC_R&D_Investment.ppt (0.6MB) (2/9/98)

BARC overview talk at Microsoft NorCal BARC_97_12_NorCal.ppt (4MB) (12/14/97)

Talk on high-performance Sequential IO on NT at Microsoft Redmond. Sequential_IO.ppt (1.5 MB) (12/1/97)

What Happens When Storage and processing and bandwidth are free and infinite? (talk at OGI and IOPADS)IOPADS.ppt (2MB) (11/11/97, 11/17/97)

George Spix's Crypto Song (copyright, by George) Crypto.asf (2MB)

TerraServer talk by Tom Barclay (and me) at UC Berkeley TerraServer_UC.ppt (2MB) (11/10/97)

NT Scalability talk at SUN and SGI NT_Scaleability_SUN_SGI.ppt (7.2MB) (10/13/97, 11/6/97)

Building Petabyte DBs talk to UC Santa Barbara and UC Berkeley Building_Petabyte_Databases (UC).ppt (1MB) (10/10/97)

NT Scalability talk MS Enterprise Seminar Scaleability_Enterprise_Seminar.ppt (6.4MB) (10/1/97)

 NT Scalability talk to NT-Internet conferences ScalabililtyNT-Internet.ppt (8/15/97)

NT Scalability talk to USENIX conferences Scalability USENIX.ppt (8/12/97)

NT Scalability talk to VARs GrayNTUnix.ppt (8MB) (7/12/97)

Parallel database Systems talk UW_Data_Mine_Parallel_DB.ppt (1MB) (7/9/97)

FT NT talk at FTCS , (3MB )Seattle, (6/24/97)

Cyberbricks Talk at SF Regional ACM (7MB) (6/18/97)

Scaleable Computing Talk (7MB!), MIT (5/23/97)

DB Expo, San Francisco, Panel on Database Past and Futures (100KB). 5/14/97

Building Petabyte Databases and Storage Metrics (768KB) talk at CMU (5/3/97)

Building Petabyte Databases and Wolfpack talk at VLDB Summit (1MB) (5/1/97)

Fault Tolerance Panel (143KB) at Uniform 4/13/97

Scaleable Computing (318KB) Panel at UNFORM 4/13/97

Future of Distributed Systems talk (3.6 MB) at UNIFORM 4/12/97

Transaction Processing Panel at UNIFORM 4/12/97.

Cyberbricks Talk at DEC/NT Wizards conference (6.3 MB) 4/7/97

Transaction Processing Performance Benchmarks talk at San Francisco State, (1.7 MB) 3/4/97

Cyberbricks Talk at Intel/Portland, (6.2 MB) 2/4/97:

Trasaction Cyberbricks Talk at Simon Frazer Univeristy, (6.6MB) 1/16/97:

Scaleable Computing talk at SAP conference, (3.8 MB) 12/7/96

Scaleable Computing talk at Microsoft PDC, (2.6 MB)11/6/96

Distributed Systems talk at Microsoft PDC, (3.5 MB)11/4/96